Monday, 6 December 2010

A Ticking Boy production

Ticking Boy covers many facets of my work. This blog was initially started to document my work towards the MA in illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. My MA work consists of stories building to a Ticking Boy graphic novel. However, Ticking Boy is also the umbrella name I put towards any of my artistic endeavours (especially as I have suspended my studies until June 2011). My latest exhibition as part of Blacksand Contemporary Arts is on now at Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery. My piece is called Boneshaker and is a video/comic/cartographic installation. It is an official Ticking Boy Production. There are some more pictures on the Blacksand facebook page.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Who is Ticking Boy?

Apparently, one is supposed to update these things regularly, we shall see.

Anyway, who is TB? The short answer is me. In 2004 I underwent surgery to replace the defective aortic valve in my heart. My new carbon mechanical valve makes a noise like a loud watch and its constant ticking is a reminder of my own mortality. In true comic book style this has resulted in the creation of my own alter-ego Ticking Boy. I am currently working on semi auto-biographical comics featuring TB. The picture here is of a draft cover I created for a college project, although the chin may be a little too rugged - "you've made yourself a little too Brad Pitt" some wit commented.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Harvey Pekar R.I.P

Well, I might have wanted to start my blog on a cheerier note but in a way it is fitting that the first post is a commemoration of the one and only Harvey Pekar, who died on July 12th. Fitting in that, partly through his influence, I am now working on my own autobio comics under the title Ticking Boy. I came to Harvey's work in the mid 1990s as I searched further into the independent comics scene to find something that spoke to me, something I could relate to. I found a truth in auto/biographical comics that I couldn't find anywhere else. My true-life-stories-in-comics-form apprenticeship started with Dennis Eichorn's Real Stuff and I couldn't get enough of that autobio thing. Discovering Pekar was a joy and if you haven't picked anything up I recommend Bob & Harv's Comics, a collection of his American Splendor strips with Robert Crumb on drawing duties. I reckon it is the best Splendor collection out there and it's where I nicked the strip for this post. Oh, ya gots to check out the movie too!